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Agri-Tech Personnel Recruitment Services

Agri-Tech Personnel was founded in 1975 with a focus on technical recruiting for the grain processing industry. Since then it has grown to become a worldwide search and placement service to agricultural, food and related industries.

Our expertise...

...includes Food and Agribusiness Careers including Farm Cooperative/ Farm Supply Management and Operations and Sales, Grain merchandising and logistics, Feed and livestock production management, Sales and sales management in feed, grain and food products; agronomy, animal health, ag chemicals and equipment.


Career paths can be uncharted maps. You have a sense of the direction you want to go but you can you go it alone? We make doors open. Take the high road. Engage a professional in career-pathing. Engage Agri-Tech Personnel today.


Time is money. Productive employees make you money. The hiring process can drain your staff's energies taking valuable time from core business responsibilities. Engage a professional that can quickly understand staffing needs, relate to business culture, adhere to industry ethics and align with expectations for your company's success. Engage Agri-Tech Personnel today.  

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